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Case Management

Most likely, your child already has a great team working for and with them. Through the case management process, we collaborate and draw upon each other’s experience.  Essentially, I bring the team together to collaborate so as to maximize your child’s learning potential. 

The Power of Collaboration: It Takes a Village 

When I work with your child, I don’t really work alone. The educational therapy sessions are usually one-on-one, but my work is to collaborate with your child’s whole team. I collaborate with teachers and any other professionals, including psychologists, speech therapists, and occupational therapists, to name a few. The more we collaborate, the better we can support the student.  

The Big Picture and the Important Details 

Each specialist that your child works with has unique training and skills. Therefore, they have their own unique perspective of the student which can benefit every other specialist. For example, the speech therapist might offer advice on how to make an assignment more clear while the occupational therapist could have some great ideas for writing or filtering out distractions. A psychologist may have advice on how we can all use similar language to better motivate the student. By working together as a team, we provide better support for the student than the sum of our individual parts. 

Meeting Your Child’s Individual Needs 

Every child truly is different. What worked for one child will not work for another. Case management is an important part of the educational therapy process in order to improve classroom performance and build self-esteem, self-confidence and self-advocacy.


To schedule a consultation, you can message me through my site or call (805) 270-5093.

Let's Work Together

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