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Targeted Academic Support 

I work with students to discover the underlying causes of their academic struggles and then use their interests to inspire the learning experience.

Addressing the Underlying Causes of Academic Struggle 

A child’s neurodevelopmental profile will provide critical information on the areas that are underlying the academic struggle. While students may share a similar diagnosis or struggle in similar academic areas, some of the underlying causes of academic struggle may still differ. For example, two students with dyslexia may both struggle with learning to read and reversals of letters, but may have very different strengths and weaknesses in terms of attention, memory and problem solving.  


My goal in educational therapy is to improve academic performance by looking at those underlying causes and addressing the academics through the lens of neurodevelopmental strength and weakness. I use my creative background and leverage your child's interests to create a positive, engaging learning environment. My goal is to boost your child’s self-confidence, self-advocacy, and self-awareness, and in turn, improve academic performance and overall quality of life. 

Targeted Academic Support Through Collaboration

Collaboration is critical to student success. Parents and caregivers are an important part of the team. In addition, I work with teachers as well as other professionals to set attainable goals and accommodations. Through our collective knowledge and expertise, we provide a strong platform of targeted support for the student. 

Start the Process Today 

When children struggle academically, it can affect their self confidence as well as their self-esteem. My goal is to help bring back the spark of learning by focusing on what interests the student. For a consultation, you can message me through my site or call (805) 270-5093. 

Let's Work Together

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