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Session Options

I offer in-office, in-home, and virtual learning sessions to best accommodate your child and your schedule. Each type of session has different advantages, and we will discuss the best option for your child.

In-Office Sessions 

The majority of my educational therapy sessions are conducted in my office. In-office sessions have proven to be the most successful overall. For students who are prone to distraction, my office provides a quiet space free from any outside distractions. Also, learning difficulties can take an emotional toll on students. When students are struggling, they sometimes exhibit negative behavior. For students who are struggling emotionally, coming into a safe, neutral space where they are free to make mistakes helps to delineate boundaries and sets them up for success.

Virtual Learning 

Some students can thrive with virtual learning. Virtual sessions provide the benefit of flexibility for the whole family. For students with an interest in technology or who are developing technological skills, virtual sessions will enhance these skills. You may be unsure if learning virtually is best for your child, or if another option would be better. During our initial consultation, we can talk about it and determine what the best option is for your child’s academic growth. 

In-Home Sessions 

There are certain circumstances in which a student may best be served in the home, due to physical, developmental or privacy/safety concerns. If that is the case, home sessions can be arranged. During our consultation, we will discuss students' specific needs to determine whether a home session would be in their best interest.


For a consultation to discuss which of these services are best for you and your child, you can message me through my site or call (805) 270-5093.

Let's Work Together

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