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The first step is to sit down for a consultation with the parents. The initial consultation begins the path towards helping your child in becoming a successful, independent learner.

Asking the Important Questions

The consultation is an opportunity to review all the pertinent reports about your child. I can ask you questions, while answering any questions you might have. By the end of a consultation, I’ll know the “big picture” in regards to your child’s education and goals. You’ll know exactly what educational therapy can do for your child moving forward.

Laying the Foundation

Essentially, this consultation sets the foundation for your child’s learning experience. This gives me the opportunity to understand how family, school and community shape the child's learning experience. Plus, I’ll get a sense of your values and what you want your child to achieve. 

Learn More

I’m always grateful for the opportunity to sit down with parents to discuss how From the Heart Learning Solutions can help. To schedule a consultation, you can message me through my site or call (805) 270-5093.

Let's Work Together

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