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Parent Coaching

Academic challenges and learning disabilities can affect the whole family. Educational therapy can help.  

For Academics

Parents often report that homework time is a struggle. I can work with you to develop solutions that can take the sting out of homework time, for parents and students alike. Other common struggles at home are related to execution functions, including organization, planning, and time management. I work with students to develop stronger organizational skills so that they can leave for school and other activities on time and with the materials they need.

For Day to Day Areas of Struggle 

The road to academic success doesn’t start when your student sits at their desk or even when they enter the classroom.  Sometimes it starts in the morning, before school, or the evening prior. Sometimes it takes a little extra planning and preparation to get out the door in the morning: getting dressed, having breakfast, having materials prepared, and so forth. By shoring up those processes, your child gets off to a better start and improves the opportunity for a successful day. 


For a consultation to discuss my parent coaching and other services, you can message me through my site or call (805) 270-5093. 

Let's Work Together

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